Show Your Vehicle in 2020

Sadly this event has now been postponed until next year. All refunds will be made swiftly. We would like to apologise for any disappointment but this outcome has been absolutely unavoidable.


There is a fee of £5.00 to show your vehicle. Please use the form below to register your vehicle.

I confirm during the period of the event, my entry will be covered by a suitable insurance policy (such as specialist collector's insurance) which includes public liability, display or rally usage.

I further confirm the vehicle to be in a roadworthy condition.

I also indemnify the event organisers, Bentleys Fairs from all claims arising from any accident, or incident or during the course of the event.

I agree to be bound by the conditions of entry as set out above, required by the organisers Bentleys Fairs

The organisers reserve the right to deny entry to the event for whatsoever reason and their decision is final.